calculator CO2


Calculate the time required for your CO2 generator to reach the optimal level in a culture room.
Usually, it is necessary to fill the room after each cycle of ventilation or 3 hours during the "day".

Air contains +/- 300 ppm of CO2, the optimal target is 1500 ppm.
The use of CO2 must be done during the day cycle.

Lenght of grow room (ft):

Width of grow room (ft):

Height of grow room (ft):

Dimension of your grow room (feet cubes)

Air already contains +/- 300 ppm of CO2:
Quantity of CO2 to inject (ppm)

Feet cubes of CO2 to inject in your grow room:

Power of your CO2 generator in BTU/hour:

Time your CO2 generator should work (minutes)

*Refer to the manufacturer's manual to determine the speed / time of your CO2 generator.