calculator lumens


Check the intensity of your light bulbs.

This calculator lets you know how many lumens are received by your plants;it takes into consideration the type of bulb and model of ballast used.
375 lumens for planting will be sufficient.
2500 lumens required for GROWING.
10,000 lumens or more for BLOOMING.

If you do not reach the minimum required lumens in the center or periphery of your gardentry lowering your light bulb, if this do not work, change your bulb.
Remember the more you move away from a light bulb head plants, the more lumens available will go down drastically.

Type of bulb used:

Distance between lamps and the top of plants:

Use of lamps in hour:

Bulb information
Lumens start:
Efficiency of the bulb:%
Real power output:

Lumens actually received by your plants

Center of the garden:

Periphery of the garden:
*This calculator tells you the quality of your bulb. However the amount of lumens output in periphery is based on an average.

**The amount of lumens emitted at the center and periphery of your garden can vary depending on the type of reflector used.