calculator amperes


Verify that your installation is safe.

This calculator helps to know totality of amperes used by your ballasts and bulbs on one circuit.
It also tells you the minimum power required of the circuit breaker to prevent overload so that your installation remains safe.

The rule of 80% must be respected to avoid circuit overload.

Moreover, this calculator takes into account the type of ballast used (electronic, magnetic or neon type).
You will notice that electronic ballasts use less amps that magnetic ballasts, which allows to put more on the same circuit.

Type of light used on the breaker:

Quantity of bulbs plugged
on the same breaker.

Voltage used on the circuit:

Total Amperes used:

Minimum breaker required:

*Caution, make sure the wiring grade used can support electricity requirement of your installation.

**Theses informations are for informational purposes only.
Always install and inspect all your electrical installations by a master electrician.
Biofloral inc. can not be held responsible in case of failure, electrocution, malfunction or fire.