Our free shipping offer

To benefit of a free delivery, there is a minimum order fee (taxes excluded) to respect:

  • Quebec and Ontario : 1 500$
  • Ontario (remote area) :  1 750$
  • New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia:  2 500$
  • Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island :  4 000$
  • Prairies :  2 500$
  • British Columbia :  5 000$
  • Vancouver region :  3 500$
  • Yukon and Northwest Territories :  4 500$ 

Aside from the taxes, items such as Nutri-Mix and Hydroton can’t be included in the minimum amount mentioned above


Additionnal delivery fees

The client understands that some additional fees could apply if: 

  • Your delivery requires an additional service such as an appointment, inside delivery, 2nd delivery, small truck etc.
  • Your delivery requires a truck with tailgate



To benefit from the same-day shipping, all orders completed on the portal or sent to our customer service, must be sent before 12pm (noon) from Monday to Friday. This schedule does not apply to Fridays during the summer period.